Friday, 1 November 2013

Icedrop Moondancer

Ever seen a Pixie before? I don't mean just those small ones that fit in the palm of your hand, I also mean the bigger ones that are often small adults. No matter the form or size these pixies are generally pesky, causing mischeif and pulling pranks just for their own amusement.

Icedrop Moondancer is a Pixie one of the larger versions that can be found, when she was a lot younger she used to do all the things that Pixies do. Over time she gradually learned that not everyone appreciates them, or even has a sense of humour at all. More often than that her and her friends were cursed at loudly, while they rolled on the ground laughing like wild things.

She had enough of being cursed so stopped all her pranks and found new friends, these ones also knew how to have fun. They would often go to parties or clubs for drinks and dancing, she learned to enjoy herself with these things. However there are still times when her Pixie nature gets the better of  her, and she just has to pull "One last prank."
Most of the items here on this post are from ~*Souzou Eien*~ I have so much from this place already, I think I bought a quarter of the stock. This is just some of what I have!

~*S.E*~ Dark Eyes [Fatpack] Petite and Regular mesh eyes provided. Various colours.

~*S.E*~ Ossis Sacri Horns [Elegant Ivory] - Also comes in basic and a variety of colours, currently in a gatcha machine at Horror Fest if its still on. This is the most recent release.

~*S.E*~ All Seeing Eye Bindi [Gold/Gold] - Comes in different metal packs, each pack has several colours.

~*S.E*~ Classic Fae Wings [Fatpack] - There are several different packs of these wings, each one containing different colours to suit your Fae needs. Petite and Regular mesh wings provided.

~*S.E*~ Sprinkles Rigged Mesh Lace Bloomers - Various colour packs are sold.

All in all a good little lot of loot I have there, and still more in my inventory which includes corsets, dresses and piercings.

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