Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas rang out carole bells, Merry Christmas sang all the children as they went from door to door. The air was full of the good spirit to all people, give unto others, share the love and goodwill, its always a magical time of year. The demons end up fleeing feeling sick to their stomaches at all the cheer, the fact that evil can't even make things bad causes them to hide in their dark holes or in the shadows.

A little blue dragon took it upon herself to dress up for this occassion, adorned in red, white and candy canes, baubles, flashing lights strung between her horns, she found a giant ginger bread man and bought him to the village. In the centre she set this up now hanging her tongue out pierced with a bauble, the children came out in to the snow to see what the dragon had gifted them. Most marveled at the pain she must have gone through to have that in her tongue, she assured them it was fine even taken it out to put a candycane in her mouth.

The children loved the gingerbread man for he was sweet with that hint of ginger that burned your mouth in a good way, sadly he didn't last long with all those eager hands plucking away at his sweet, dough body. Never the less the little dragon enjoyed spending time giving cheer and goodwill, its only at this time of year she's any good at all.
More things from ~*Souzou Eien*~ First is the horns with the little lights found in the gachas at the shop, they are the first original mesh made by the shop owner. Horns come in a variety of colours in three different styles, basic, corded and lit. Hit those up and get lucky while you got the chance.

The second thing from the same place is the tongue piercing bauble, a hunt prize found in the store for Twisted Christmas. There's at least five different ones you get, I used the one with skulls because skulls.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Not Rudolph

This little Reindeer lived in the North Pole, her father was one of those famous Reindeer who pulled Santa's sleigh. At least she never got the red nose that glowed off him, she was pretty much normal in all respects of the word. The only thing she wasn't normal in was the fact she's lazy, a little bit of a party animal (Haha) and a little bit wild.

If she wasn't partying all night she was sleeping all day and skipping her training, training she needed in order to be one of the next Reindeer to pull the Santa's sleigh. Something she didn't want to do or live up to her parent's expectations, in fact she figured she existed merely to be a constant disappointment.

One day she might straighten out and buck up her ideas, for now its that time of the year to party the hardest. Maybe next year.
My first December post is a texture mod for the Puzzle VISS bunny, the mod comes with the hooves, hoof hands, ears and antlers. Ritz is found at Hello Grymmy!