Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Winter is coming

With the onset of winter finally taking place it was time for all good little snow and ice demons to make snow and ice, those who have snow on their wings were the ones to make snow while those without were to make ice.

All the demons had worked all spring, summer and autumn to make winter happen, now they were able to finally do their jobs. All of them were wrapped up in winter coats trimmed with fake fur, despite the work they often got cold and needed warm clothes in order to keep warm. One snow demon looked out from the small enclave that kept them safe for most of the year, her small, snow covered wings flapping in excitement. This would be her first year she was old enough to join the others, she was more than eager to get started on making winter.

She dove outside right in to the golden leaves that had fallen from all the trees, as she bounced along on her clawed feet she began to create small piles of snow upon any surface she can find. Holding her winter bauble close the snow demon danced from tree to tree covering the branches, giving everything a blanket of powdery snow. A few of them the ice and snow demons work together in order to make snowflakes, each one individual and unique in its own way, they would be the ones to fly up to the clouds to fill them up with their hand crafted flakes.

It was when the snow flakes began to fall from the clouds that the little snow demon stopped her tasks to look upwards, her icicle like tail waggled in excitement from seeing them fall for her first time. She jumped on to a stone bench to spin circles among the falling snow... Winter is here.
I went to a few events this month already and gathered up some winter feeling things.

We <3 Roleplay
Still ongoing as its in the December run currently for this event, and this is where I found this coat. It looks extremely warm, luxurious and has a large, comfy looking hood at the back. Its a mesh coat fitting most standard SL avatars and can even fit mesh bodies, long as you use the alpha hud to hide parts of the body.
*May's Soul* Snow coat blue
Found at the Frost event (Link above picture) is this lovely icicle looking tail, its fully mesh and looks like its made of ice just starting to melt hence the icicles that can be seen. Sometimes it doesn't rez properly for me so I just click on it to make it behave, considering its winter right now this lovely tail is good for avatars who want that cold/freezing look. Just don't stand any where near a fire or that tail will melt completely, its already melting don't make worse! They have a few colours up for sale, but you know I like blue.
Riske - Melting Icicle Tail - Mountain Spring

Also at Frost are this lovely little demon wings covered in snow which, I thought went well with the icicle tail that I found. The membranes look like they are made from ice stretched between black fingers, there's a few piles of snow covering the tops of them. I rather like the look of this wings to give something extra to that ice demon or fae or creature, the snow is a specially good touch to give that feeling that you love the cold and winter. There are a few colours out for sale but I wanted to match my tail damn it.
::TI:: Frosty Demon wing v2
The last event I went to was Gothmas by Gaslight 2014

Over there I was dragged around by my leash a rather confusing layout of the event, however I did manage to grab a Christmas bauble from Souzou Eien's gacha.  Because I can't resist at least getting one thing from his store, I continuously make my Souzou Eien collection bigger. It has been confirmed by the creator and owner himself I own half his store (Hehehehe). The gacha holds a few of these different baubles you can try and grab, they come with a holding animation for you to hold them or you can hang them from something yourself. If you want to hang them modding knowledge is needed.

There's also a very nice gazebo out at the store for sale too, so if you want something for that garden of yours I would highly suggest taking a look.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Make me music

Okay I haven't been blogging for an entire month, I moved countries for starters to start a new chapter in my life. I spent the month settling in to things, my old laptop couldn't handle Second Life either. I got a new one yay! In celebration of a new laptop I booted up good old Second Life, and hit up a couple of events for some things.

At the We <3 Roleplay from the creator and mind behind ~*Souzou Eien*~ comes the Master Cello, it comes with a HUD to change the colour of the instrument and the bow. There is two versions of a display case, one empty and one with the cello inside of it. Two stools one attachable and one rezzable, along with an attachable cello and one that can be rezzed out for decoration purposes. You get a lot of instrument for your money.

Along with the Cello is the Hover chair that allows you to sit where you like, wear it with your AO off and you are at once sitting in a hovering chair kicking your legs. Its also colour change via the HUD you get with it, changes the cushions and decal. Of course I had to make mine blue, we all know why I had to make mine blue.

These boots are called FDD GS *Jessin* Fur Boots Fitted Wolf they're from FDD, currently can be found only at the We <3 Roleplay event. They do fit a wide variety of mesh bodies that are on sale, just make sure you look at the poster to see if they support the body you are wearing. I can tell you that I am in love with these boots.

 Over at the Fantasy Gacha event from FDD is this fetching tunic that went well with the boots, its fitted mesh and does fit mesh bodies just make sure it fits the one you have. I did have to adjust my shape to make it fit on my chest, but it does fit very well with not much adjusting needed or hiding parts. This is one piece out of a set of four you can get, there is also a four piece set of clothing for men too.

Whoa this little guy is almost blending in to the wall there, this is the Zyn ~ Abyssal Fiend Familar - Red from Zyn - Fantasy designs and decor Also in their gacha is a few other items including some Abyssal staffs, hit them with some money and see what you get.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

We <3 Roleplay

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dark Unicorn

It's near that time of the year again when the planets align to make two worlds collide, it's also the best time to be doing the most potent of spells. All Hallow's Eve has a different meaning to different cultures and religions around the world, a night of dread, a night to remember loved ones passed away, the witch's holy day, Trick or Treat... The list goes on.

Ah but it's not quite there yet as its only the first of October, however one particular creature wanted to get a head start. In the bowels of a gothic library a woman stood over a boiling couldron, the green glow of trouble brewing unmistakable as it bubbled in the iron pot. She however was no ordinary witch or human, for protuding from her forehead grew a twisted, black horn, her legs covered in black fur ended in two cloven hooves. As the potion or whatever foul thing she was making seethed, she poured in venom, a few eyes of newts, bat's blood, a whole frog and a whole cat or two. All of it went in to the couldron to make her brew for the holiest of days that was to come, on that day she the Dark Unicorn will be ready to unleash its horrors upon the world.
Gachas! Gachas! Gachas galore! I got items from two different events, so what I'm going to do is list the few items I plundered from the machines. I'll go over each one then link the events they came from, you too can go and spend lindens on all the shiney and pretty things.

First up I have a Spiral Mage Staff - Crystal - Darkwood this lovely thing comes from A.D.D.Andal. This is just one of the common ones I managed to pop out of the gacha, there is a nice variety of colours and different woods. The crystal is a touch colour change, you can change the colour of it to suit your mood.
A black. twisted horn with a small circlet of a very fine, metal chain and a small gem hanging from it, this is the Myth Of Innocence Circlet from ~*Souzou Eien*~ My horn is a common and one of the basic ones, the prettier ones have a gem that dangles at the end of the horn from a chain entwined in it. Both types come with a colour changing HUD to change the metal, the ultra rare, so pretty one has a colour change for the gem stones. There's a variety of colours, because rainbows make the world go round.

Found at The Gathering which opened today and is going on until the 15th October.

The owner and creator of ~*Souzou Eien*~ is at it again making things for roleplay, you really do need to see this inworld to appreicate it best. Here I present to you a spelling kit complete with a spell book, bottles of things, knife, candles, well you can see for yourself its everything you need in one handy place. Oh and if you can find it there is a cystal alter too to snag, but I haven't found that yet so sadly I can't show it.

{MB} has a gacha full of bottles that contain various liquids, bones or powders, the one I got here is full of venmon. I guess if anyone annoys me I can just quietly slip this in to their drinks or food, then sit back and wait for the painful, slow death to start. You have been warned, I got a bottle of venom.

These items and many more are to be located at RMK Halloween - Magical Academy event!

Get your Halloween on!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Two Centaurs

After the loss of their home where the two of them met they travelled over many lands, until they stumbled in to some sort of portal. The portal ripped their twins from them seperating them, they ended up in a land that looked a lot like where they had lived before only bigger and with a larger population. Their twins though were lost to them though they searched high and low the portal hadn't dropped the girls on the new island, Natasha was distraught with the loss succumbing to depression while Judge became bitter, cold and very angry. Usually such a change would drive off a mate but the two needed each other more than ever, Natasha hunted while Judge threw himself in to making business deals. It was possible that the new hole he felt at the loss of their young he was filling with greed, business wasn't easy to find along with deals not being easy to make.

While they travelled together over time their wounded hearts healed, some things that changed would stay changed. During the travels both centaurs gathered up armour pieces to protect their horse bodies from predators, they had been attacked at one point by a pack of wolves with Natasha getting injured on her flank. Judge of course worried he might lose her too so he was the one who cobbled the pieces together, they would help one another to adorn the pieces every morning and take them off at night.
Today I'm blogging something that has been specifically for the KOT Centaur avatar, I have in my possession two sets of Centaur Armour one is metal the other is leather. The owner and creator of The Centaur Armory discovered there's not much out for the KOT avatar, and there still isn't to this day apart from tails. And so far she's the only one showing it any love. The pieces are made from sculpties that you click add to wear, all sets come in all sizes and are made to fit so make sure you add the right size. Not only are they highly detailed but (and this is the best part), they move with the body even when sitting down!

Here are a few shots I got of the metal pieces called Chiron Armor (I keep putting an u in there because I'm English, must stop my fingers doing that.) From the side view we got a plate that protects the haunches, along with flank guards and a saddle bag the other side is the same. Along the top are a nice display of spikes, sure to deter predators and wanna be riders alike. Unless you enjoy spikes in your ass Oo You can see straps in various places that would hold it together including a belly strap, one that goes around the under carriage to hold it in place. Lot of nice texture details that give it a unique look, and prevent it from looking rather plain.

 These shots are of the Lapith Leather Armor which, was in fact the first set to be made. Its a combination of leather and metal that protects the haunch and the flanks, every piece is detailed with the textures used. At the front there are two saddle bags along with what looks like a rolled blanket, giving the wearer the illusion that they travel often. On the back shot you can see how the ridged metal sits on the rump, you can also see the pattern of the leather that is also used on the sides.

Again these are sculpted pieces but are of high quality that move with the KOT Centaur, they only work with that avatar so if you don't have it; it won't fit or sit as well on another avatar. There is no editing or mod skills required as both sets come with all sizes, use the right size for the size of horse body you are wearing and hit add. Viola.

For the time being The Centaur Armory only has a Market place page.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

She came to save them

After her sister wrought world wide destruction upon the planet known as Earth, after the creatures that lived upon it mutated to begin to finish off the last of the humans who had survived the devastation she came to them. With her she bought knowledge of an archaic nature, knowledge that would help them fend off the beasts and help them to regain their feet.

Of course since she resembled the one who had done this to the people they were wary and suspicious of her, but she had patience on her side spending her time working on showing them what she can give them. Steam. With the parts she could scavenge from broken machines, she created many things that could be powered by steam and tesla coils. Even weapons that had a way of being powered by nothing more than steam and cogs, to fire bullets at hurtling rates to slay the beasts that threatened the last of mankind.

She became their saviour soon enough once they realised she was no threat like her sister had been, she had given them new hope and a new goal to work towards. Repair, rebuild, regroup, relearn and survive.
I've been delving around The Clockwork Spiral 2014 that opened up on 15th September and closes on October 1st, if you want anything I show here you better go get it now. Like right now. Since I am a complete biased person I went right for ~*Souzou Eien*~ Here goes.

Here we have the Plasma distorter pistol complete with weird wires, leather, tubing, cogs and wonderful texturing. They have a good amount of detail on them not just from the textures, look at those little screws it has and you can really see that is tubing. Take a good look. Its very much a steampunk item that will fit well for any steampunk outfit and steampunk roleplay sims, it comes as a pair so you get two for the price of one and both are unscripted. They are just roleplay props, if you would like scripts in them that's a Do it yourself gig folks. You can wear both for a dual weilding look or just wear one. This is an exclusive item for The Clockwork Spiral event only, if you don't get them now they will be lost forever.

On the same note for Roleplay props I got two hand cannons, because bitches love cannons. You can wear both or just one, bear in mind the alpha layer does hide both hands if you choose to wear one and its best to wear a slink or mesh hand at the same time. I decided to wear both cannons for this shot, they are very well detailed texture wise and in overall build. You got bullet strap things, with gold detailing around the barrels on both ends of it, I got no idea what the knob bit is for because I'm really bad with guns. Come on cannons! FOR YOUR HANDS! 
This is an exclusive item for The Clockwork Spiral event only, if you don't get them now they will be lost forever.

Oculus Optics are the last item from Souzou I'm showcasing and just look at it right now, all those tubes are going in to my skin around my eye. Upon closer inspection you can see a texture that looks a bit like circuits, the tubes that insert in to my skin are easy to be seen as tubes due to the detail. You get three Optics two of them are singular in order to wear one on either eye, and the last is a full set for both eyes. It comes with a texture HUD to enable you to change the colours of the lense, tubes, metal edge around the Oculus, the metal bolts and the metal edge around the lense.
Other items from The Clockwork Spiral event that are shown here:

Materica female Rust Elegance skin from Fallen Gods Appliers for Lolas, Slink hands and feet are to be found instore.
Seraphic horns (Adorned) from ~*Souzou Eien*~ found at the We <3 Roleplay event. If its still going.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Dressed for destruction

The city lay in ruins. A carcass of its once glorious self with buildings that dared to reach for the heavens, now crumpled in on themselves to be discarded within its own corpse. Dust filled the air from broken blocks of cement, so thick that it blocked out the night sky darkening the world further. Night passed filled with screams and broken sobs, the ones who were still alive crawled on their bellies trying to make sense of what happened. There was no making sense of this at all, they were going to have rebuild their lives and learn how to survive.

At the first sign of dawn the dust began to clear letting the rising sun shine sickly through the dust, the few beams that made it through trying to bring hope to the world that suffered below it. In the midst of it rose a figure of crystal blue skin, a creature that was unknown even to herself. Wings of white tipped with blue, that when opened made the sound of thunder. Her forehead was adorned with a fine, delicate circlet, the horns she had towered in to the air with a slight curve, metal and precious gems entwinning them. With a smirk pulling her soft lips she clicked her fingers, a building that still stood in the distance fell in to a crashing heap. Clearly she was dressed for this destruction, she delighted in the screams of pain and terror from the chaos she wrought.
~*Souzou Eien*~ is at We <3 Roleplay. Holy fuckballs he made it to one of the biggest events on the grid, and only recently (I say recently but its been a few months now) started to do original mesh items. Look at the shinies that I got from it for from this store.

Seraphic horns. You have three different types when you buy this item, adorned as seen above, two plain versions pale and dark. The adorned version does have a HUD that allows you to change the metal colour, the colour of the intricate horn pattern, size and the gems, its pretty easy to use that even a bimbo like me can use it.

The De La Luna circlet is simplistic yet elegant in its design, fine metal wires interplays with themselves to encompass a forehead gem. Due to the design its easily used for a good many styles, and have found it sits nicely on even my armoured centaur character. A touch of pretty. Since it is texture changing the HUD is provided in the folder, it changes the three metal parts, size and all the gems.

Serrated goblin horns. Adorned version has a thin wire twisting around them that has a moon and a star hanging off each end, the moon (Its a moon to me hush) sits in a metal cage. The HUD provided changes the texture of the horns, the colours of the gems and the metal pieces. Please note at the bottom of the HUD there are two sets of metal coloured buttons, the big one is for the orb's cage and the one above it is for the chain between the horns. There is also two plain versions pale and dark.

What are you waiting for? Get down to We <3 Roleplay to pick these up today!

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Queen

Upon her throne of red and gold she sits the perfect picture of royality, grace and tranquility, her husband was the one who did the paperwork for the treaties, alliances even the wars they were to have. She would be the diplomat sharing his words and visions to those who needed to hear it or wanted to, the one who managed to set all things in to motion she's the power behind the throne.

What do I have here? A crown! A crown of wonder with gems and chains, it sits so nicely upon my head it makes me feel regal. This is just one of the many crowns that have now been released in ~Souzou Eien~, each crown is unique all of them are original mesh. With your fancy new crown you get a HUD that allows you to change the metal of the crown and chains, also the gems can be changed with the HUD too. You also have a resize option if you feel your crown is too small, you can make it bigger for it to be seen better upon that noble brow of yours.

I got this mesh dress and corset combo at one of the We <3 Roleplay events, it has appliers for mesh boobs so don't worry about that. Its really rather nice I happen to think it suits characters of royal or noble birth, could easily be used for nobles in Game of Thrones sims at least that's what I think. It fits the theme for a good few places of Medieval setting. Head down to the The Plastik to pick up one of these delightful dresses, there are a few other styles there too for good measure.
Skin - Cassiopea - India 04 from Glam Affair (One I usually wear)
Hair - Erin from =DeLa*=
Mesh hands from - Slink
Mesh breasts - Lolas

Thursday, 1 May 2014


What? Another Pixie? And no story to go with it? No sadly I got no inspiration at the moment to write stories, I know that's all you come here for to read the story. I'm sorry D: Nah I'm just kidding you come here for I'm blogging and my wit... Okay maybe not for the wit, I need to get along and write this blog. AGH NOT THE WHIP!

The outfit I'm wearing for this little Fae I'm modeling is from EB Atelier -italian fashion Its called Minvera White, has lots of different skirts, tango appliers and different layers. This was a random find on the Marketplace, during my "I NEED SOMETHING FOR MY FAE TO WEAR!" mode :D

Wings? Yes wings the original mesh Jeweled Fae wings complete with colour changing baubles on it, I will say I love these wings better than the first sets that were put out. Looks more like something a Fae would have, and I enjoy the spirals along with the baubles. Just gives them that whole enchanted look. These are a recent release from... You guessed it! ~*Souzou Eien*~ Comes in regular and petite flavours, may need some editing to correct placement due to body shapes.

To go with the Jeweled Fae wings is the Spiral Antennae, I think they go with the wings rather nicely. They have three different coloured stems, the tips have a colour change script. They're also good if you want to be a bug, a bug with glowing tips to your antennae. Who doesn't want to be a bug? Everyone loves bugs, specially beetles. Beetles are cute *nods*

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Candy Succubus

The outfit that I'm wearing is from a store called [QE Designs], its called Bad Bitch Alchemist and I found it at the Final Fantasy event. Fingers crossed its out already at the store, not just an event only item. It comes with appliers for Lolas Tangos, Lolas Tango Mirages and Phat Azz, since I don't use a mesh butt I can't show you that applier or tell you if its any good. The tango appliers are pretty good with two versions, one for bra and the other for bra and tank top combo.

Oculus Enhancement is a good accessory to use for cybernectics or for anything really, I found it suited the outfit I  had made and thus used it. One of the more recent releases in ~*Souzou Eien*~, it first appeared at the Final Fantasy event, now you can get it at the store whee \o/ A hundred percent mesh, they come with a texture colour change HUD, mix and match the different metal textures for a unique look. You get both a right and a left eye piece.

Along side the release of the Oculus there's these delightful hairpins, they add just a little something extra. Subtle. You can get two different style of hairpins with two different varients in both, two long hair pins and two that are curvy. Yes there's that wonderful colour change textures for the baubles, if you want to see the others then drop in for a looksie.

These are the Obsidian Cavity horns from Evocative. Comes with two sets of horns one of them you can tint to whatever colour you feel like, I found these at an event so got no idea if they are up on the Marketplace yet. I had heard the store was closing soon, any news anyone can get on that would be
appreciated. Come on they are cute horns.

Another find at Final Fantasy event back some time ago now, the Candy Demon tail and original mesh from .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Its a cute little store with a good few creative things in it, reminds me I need to go back and shop there for things. I recently got the Yummy tail they had out at We <3 Roleplay event, which sadly closes today to start up again pretty soon. I didn't get to this earlier because I'm lazy ._. Sue me!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Draco Lich

Ara Luiniel a once living Sapphire gem dragon who fought in the war against the Daemon invasion of Mystara, she died during those years in between battles while hunting a cannibal dragon. Hundreds of  years later her soul was dragged from the abyss, bound to a dragon bone and forced in to a humanoid shape. Two demons had pulled her back to the world of the living, they also gave her a piece of their own essence each. She became addicted to eating flesh once set upon the first living thing the female demon unleashed her, and in the first few years of her new unlife she was conflicted about what she was.

No longer able to be accepted among her once kin of Dragons, with no where else to belong to she allied with the demons for a time. Her inner conflict happened a lot for she had to come to grips with being a Lich, a creature that normally old, powerful dragons sought to become or even human magic users. Both afraid of death but now she is death. Milly a child Lich taught Ara all she needed to know about fixing herself, and about the sorts of magic she can now control. It was Milly who helped Ara make her own phylactory, it was Milly who unbound her from her own bone and set her free. She'll do anything for the older, smaller Lich even if that means making her unstable...

She eventually left the island heading to a city controlled by a Warlock who made it a haven for Undead, she spent a good chunk of her time studying every tome she could get her hands on. She also did horrific experiments and the Warlock was more than happy to offer his help or fetch her tomes, he had his own sinnister reasons for doing so he wanted to take her apart. During her time away Milly summoned her to fight the Deamon Leader, Ara beat the Deamon senseless and returned to her tower. When Ara had learned enough she returned to Mystara for good, once more setting up residence in the crypts for no one else will bother her there.

Okay yeah I know you're dying to see that scythe a little better aren't you? This is a mesh object which is found in the gachas at ESCAPE: The darker side of Roleplay Event and made by ~*Souzou Eien*~ There's basic ones in four colours, Sameal ones in four colours, and two rares Bloody Reaper's Kiss and Reaper's Kiss. I got the bloody one :D Each sycthe has two versions of the one you win in the box you get, one that fits on your back and does nothing but look pretty. The other one you hold in your right hand, if you click on it you can change standing poses so you look badass.

Also new from ~*Souzou Eien*~ is the Thorned Embrace jewelry set and yes its all mesh, four different colour sets with a touch script to change the colour of the gemstones. Its four earings and one necklace, four earings because there's two different styles. One at the top is climbing thorns it hugs your ear, some adjusting maybe needed to get it to fit snugly. The second style are a dangle version, some adjusting may again be needed. Anyone can do that. The necklace that goes with it hangs low off the neck, with the gem sitting rather comfortable between breasts or against a flat chest. Unisex it all works on either gender.

Yep still on the ~*Souzou Eien*~ kick! This is the Heartless mod which is partial mesh and partial sculpty, orginally found in a Valentine hunt this has now been released for the general consumption at Escape. Basically its a bloody hole in your chest, I rather like the idea of it. Someone punched me and took my heart x.x

There's a few other items that I haven't shown you here that you can find by this store at ESCAPE, once you're done picking up your wonderful items for your dark Roleplay. Check out the rest of the vendors who are there too, it all looks good over there trust me I'm a shopper! o.o

Hurry though the event ends on the 9th April!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Much as I would love to write a small story I really can't be asked to do one, plus my brain is rather dead right now. Its sort of shut off and gone on holiday for a while, it has yet to return to me with suitcase in tow. Then again I shouldn't have let it out of the pickle jar I was keeping it in, then maybe it wouldn't have decided now was a great time to escape.

Enough about my run away brain I got some lovely little peepers for you to look at, along with some make up which is all very new from one of my favourite stores. And baby I look good, I'm telling you that now.

With out further adue ~*Souzou Eien*~ has been busy releasing shiney new things.

The top picture is the Star Dust eyes in blue they are pure mesh, there are other colours and all colours come with white or black scleras. With the Stardust I'm rather fond of the white sclera, yet the blue stands out with either the white or the black. Its a matter of preference there. The picture under it is another set of eyes, these ones are the Dragon eyes with a subtle slitted pupil. Again they come in other colours, along with the option for white or black sclera and with these I went with the black. Cos why not? There's a few more sets of different eyes, including the Vortex eyes which is animated!

Now I find it a hard thing to find make up in blue without looking like a paint tin exploded in my face, however this Goth make up in blue is rather nice and has a subtly to it not many actually manage to achieve. Its not over done it doesn't look like you took a crayon to colour your lips in or do your eye shadow, its a nice shade of blue and looks like something you would do in real life when going out. Specially if you're goth. Sadly I'm not goth at all but it does suit my avatar's face nicely. Of course there are a lot of other make ups over at the shop, so you better go take a gander at them. Colours! Colours everywhere!