Thursday, 6 February 2014

Natasha Zyrr

Natasha was born in the cold reaches of some far northern land, the herd she was in was a large one mostly of mares with only one stallion. This doesn't mean their herd was weak for each mare had skills as hunters, trackers, those who could fight when needed to, the stallion was their leader and he did his best to protect them and their foals. For most of her life she had lived in the forests of the north, though it was cold she was accostumed to it like most of her herd. Over the years she learned to use a bow and arrow for hunting, learned how to make her own arrows and became a tracker. Skinning a beast became second nature as they needed to eat, those who could use the skins for leather work were the ones who got what she got off a carcass.

Her accent was an odd one a slight Russian twang that sometimes made her speech odd for those who aren't used to it, she's a rather gentle soul choosing to be a placid thing until something triggers that famour centaur rage. She's also very loving, loyal and is tenacious when it comes to hunting her prey.

None of them had much dealings with humans and to have them in their forests was a rare occurance, that's why Natasha and a good many mares were captured one rainy day. They simply were caught off guard in the middle of a hunt for deer, the humans they encountered that day were slavers and raiders. They were captured taken to a large ship to be chained in the bowels of it, where the water leaked in to soften their hooves making them hard to stand on. The journey was a miserable one a lot of them were sea sick having their first time on a ship, it rocked over the waves upsetting them causing misery. A few of them had unspeakable things done to them.

A storm broke out the terrible winds drove them off course sending them in to some thick, foggy mists, the ship wrecked its belly along jagged rocks rendering it useless as water flooded in. Natasha took her chance she grabbed the keys from the slaver who had been impaled on some wood near to her, she undid their binds urged them to follow but they were too frightened to move. As the ship sank she and only two others headed for the deck, they dove in to the sea but only Natasha made it to the land. Her sisters, aunts and cousins drowned in the ocean.

One of my characters I've been RPing for a while now, don't worry she has a wonderful mate now and two lovely twin girls. Making a whole new herd just for them.

This lovely mesh horse body is from *KOT* Stables it is very well done. It has its own animations in the body that allows it to paw at the ground with the hooves much like a horse would, the walking and running animations are also perfect. Only thing you don't get is an upper AO you have to make that yourself or find one that will work, I use one called Hooves in Motion but it tends to break one of the arms on occassion.

When you purchase the mesh centaur you get three body sizes, three shapes, alpha layers, a HUD and a bonus christmas gift if you bought it before December. I don't know if you still get the bonus gift. If you intend to use your own shape with the body you will need to adjust it, there are some adjustment guidelines in the notecard provided. I found I needed to adjust very little in order to make the blend of horse and human appear natural, it does take a bit of practice and figuring out what needs to lowered or upped.

The HUD itself is very simple you click on the arrow to open up a bar that goes across your screen, the buttons are as follows. Settings, Detach - detaches the body, Rear - makes you rear up, Dance1 - makes you prance on the spot, F - that's for fluff around the hooves, Sound, Toggle tail - makes the tail be shown or hidden and Toggle dust - which is the same as tail only for dust. Pushing the second arrow on the HUD opens up the coat selection menu, you have a nice variety of coat colours to choose from and the creator is still looking to add more. The coat colours works on a token system so instead of buying the entire avatar again you can buy tokens for a good price and pick a new coat, you get your first token for free so you're able to pick a coat without having to buy tokens.

Now I don't use the tail on the body, I got one from Horsepower Vendor and simply attached it. Its meant for Breeders Choice horse avatars, but since its modifiable you can make it fit the centaur body.

That bonus christmas gift I mentioned... It has harnesses! Since the  horse body is rigged you need to follow attachment and editing guidelines in the notecard provided, but these harnesses are made just for the centaur body. You get all the sizes so all you need to do is match the harness to the size body you're wearing and hit that add button, there's also four textures to allow you to change the colour of it at will.

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