Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Much as I would love to write a small story I really can't be asked to do one, plus my brain is rather dead right now. Its sort of shut off and gone on holiday for a while, it has yet to return to me with suitcase in tow. Then again I shouldn't have let it out of the pickle jar I was keeping it in, then maybe it wouldn't have decided now was a great time to escape.

Enough about my run away brain I got some lovely little peepers for you to look at, along with some make up which is all very new from one of my favourite stores. And baby I look good, I'm telling you that now.

With out further adue ~*Souzou Eien*~ has been busy releasing shiney new things.

The top picture is the Star Dust eyes in blue they are pure mesh, there are other colours and all colours come with white or black scleras. With the Stardust I'm rather fond of the white sclera, yet the blue stands out with either the white or the black. Its a matter of preference there. The picture under it is another set of eyes, these ones are the Dragon eyes with a subtle slitted pupil. Again they come in other colours, along with the option for white or black sclera and with these I went with the black. Cos why not? There's a few more sets of different eyes, including the Vortex eyes which is animated!

Now I find it a hard thing to find make up in blue without looking like a paint tin exploded in my face, however this Goth make up in blue is rather nice and has a subtly to it not many actually manage to achieve. Its not over done it doesn't look like you took a crayon to colour your lips in or do your eye shadow, its a nice shade of blue and looks like something you would do in real life when going out. Specially if you're goth. Sadly I'm not goth at all but it does suit my avatar's face nicely. Of course there are a lot of other make ups over at the shop, so you better go take a gander at them. Colours! Colours everywhere!

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