Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Candy Succubus

The outfit that I'm wearing is from a store called [QE Designs], its called Bad Bitch Alchemist and I found it at the Final Fantasy event. Fingers crossed its out already at the store, not just an event only item. It comes with appliers for Lolas Tangos, Lolas Tango Mirages and Phat Azz, since I don't use a mesh butt I can't show you that applier or tell you if its any good. The tango appliers are pretty good with two versions, one for bra and the other for bra and tank top combo.

Oculus Enhancement is a good accessory to use for cybernectics or for anything really, I found it suited the outfit I  had made and thus used it. One of the more recent releases in ~*Souzou Eien*~, it first appeared at the Final Fantasy event, now you can get it at the store whee \o/ A hundred percent mesh, they come with a texture colour change HUD, mix and match the different metal textures for a unique look. You get both a right and a left eye piece.

Along side the release of the Oculus there's these delightful hairpins, they add just a little something extra. Subtle. You can get two different style of hairpins with two different varients in both, two long hair pins and two that are curvy. Yes there's that wonderful colour change textures for the baubles, if you want to see the others then drop in for a looksie.

These are the Obsidian Cavity horns from Evocative. Comes with two sets of horns one of them you can tint to whatever colour you feel like, I found these at an event so got no idea if they are up on the Marketplace yet. I had heard the store was closing soon, any news anyone can get on that would be
appreciated. Come on they are cute horns.

Another find at Final Fantasy event back some time ago now, the Candy Demon tail and original mesh from .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. Its a cute little store with a good few creative things in it, reminds me I need to go back and shop there for things. I recently got the Yummy tail they had out at We <3 Roleplay event, which sadly closes today to start up again pretty soon. I didn't get to this earlier because I'm lazy ._. Sue me!

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