Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Draco Lich

Ara Luiniel a once living Sapphire gem dragon who fought in the war against the Daemon invasion of Mystara, she died during those years in between battles while hunting a cannibal dragon. Hundreds of  years later her soul was dragged from the abyss, bound to a dragon bone and forced in to a humanoid shape. Two demons had pulled her back to the world of the living, they also gave her a piece of their own essence each. She became addicted to eating flesh once set upon the first living thing the female demon unleashed her, and in the first few years of her new unlife she was conflicted about what she was.

No longer able to be accepted among her once kin of Dragons, with no where else to belong to she allied with the demons for a time. Her inner conflict happened a lot for she had to come to grips with being a Lich, a creature that normally old, powerful dragons sought to become or even human magic users. Both afraid of death but now she is death. Milly a child Lich taught Ara all she needed to know about fixing herself, and about the sorts of magic she can now control. It was Milly who helped Ara make her own phylactory, it was Milly who unbound her from her own bone and set her free. She'll do anything for the older, smaller Lich even if that means making her unstable...

She eventually left the island heading to a city controlled by a Warlock who made it a haven for Undead, she spent a good chunk of her time studying every tome she could get her hands on. She also did horrific experiments and the Warlock was more than happy to offer his help or fetch her tomes, he had his own sinnister reasons for doing so he wanted to take her apart. During her time away Milly summoned her to fight the Deamon Leader, Ara beat the Deamon senseless and returned to her tower. When Ara had learned enough she returned to Mystara for good, once more setting up residence in the crypts for no one else will bother her there.

Okay yeah I know you're dying to see that scythe a little better aren't you? This is a mesh object which is found in the gachas at ESCAPE: The darker side of Roleplay Event and made by ~*Souzou Eien*~ There's basic ones in four colours, Sameal ones in four colours, and two rares Bloody Reaper's Kiss and Reaper's Kiss. I got the bloody one :D Each sycthe has two versions of the one you win in the box you get, one that fits on your back and does nothing but look pretty. The other one you hold in your right hand, if you click on it you can change standing poses so you look badass.

Also new from ~*Souzou Eien*~ is the Thorned Embrace jewelry set and yes its all mesh, four different colour sets with a touch script to change the colour of the gemstones. Its four earings and one necklace, four earings because there's two different styles. One at the top is climbing thorns it hugs your ear, some adjusting maybe needed to get it to fit snugly. The second style are a dangle version, some adjusting may again be needed. Anyone can do that. The necklace that goes with it hangs low off the neck, with the gem sitting rather comfortable between breasts or against a flat chest. Unisex it all works on either gender.

Yep still on the ~*Souzou Eien*~ kick! This is the Heartless mod which is partial mesh and partial sculpty, orginally found in a Valentine hunt this has now been released for the general consumption at Escape. Basically its a bloody hole in your chest, I rather like the idea of it. Someone punched me and took my heart x.x

There's a few other items that I haven't shown you here that you can find by this store at ESCAPE, once you're done picking up your wonderful items for your dark Roleplay. Check out the rest of the vendors who are there too, it all looks good over there trust me I'm a shopper! o.o

Hurry though the event ends on the 9th April!

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