Thursday, 1 May 2014


What? Another Pixie? And no story to go with it? No sadly I got no inspiration at the moment to write stories, I know that's all you come here for to read the story. I'm sorry D: Nah I'm just kidding you come here for I'm blogging and my wit... Okay maybe not for the wit, I need to get along and write this blog. AGH NOT THE WHIP!

The outfit I'm wearing for this little Fae I'm modeling is from EB Atelier -italian fashion Its called Minvera White, has lots of different skirts, tango appliers and different layers. This was a random find on the Marketplace, during my "I NEED SOMETHING FOR MY FAE TO WEAR!" mode :D

Wings? Yes wings the original mesh Jeweled Fae wings complete with colour changing baubles on it, I will say I love these wings better than the first sets that were put out. Looks more like something a Fae would have, and I enjoy the spirals along with the baubles. Just gives them that whole enchanted look. These are a recent release from... You guessed it! ~*Souzou Eien*~ Comes in regular and petite flavours, may need some editing to correct placement due to body shapes.

To go with the Jeweled Fae wings is the Spiral Antennae, I think they go with the wings rather nicely. They have three different coloured stems, the tips have a colour change script. They're also good if you want to be a bug, a bug with glowing tips to your antennae. Who doesn't want to be a bug? Everyone loves bugs, specially beetles. Beetles are cute *nods*

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