Monday, 7 July 2014

The Queen

Upon her throne of red and gold she sits the perfect picture of royality, grace and tranquility, her husband was the one who did the paperwork for the treaties, alliances even the wars they were to have. She would be the diplomat sharing his words and visions to those who needed to hear it or wanted to, the one who managed to set all things in to motion she's the power behind the throne.

What do I have here? A crown! A crown of wonder with gems and chains, it sits so nicely upon my head it makes me feel regal. This is just one of the many crowns that have now been released in ~Souzou Eien~, each crown is unique all of them are original mesh. With your fancy new crown you get a HUD that allows you to change the metal of the crown and chains, also the gems can be changed with the HUD too. You also have a resize option if you feel your crown is too small, you can make it bigger for it to be seen better upon that noble brow of yours.

I got this mesh dress and corset combo at one of the We <3 Roleplay events, it has appliers for mesh boobs so don't worry about that. Its really rather nice I happen to think it suits characters of royal or noble birth, could easily be used for nobles in Game of Thrones sims at least that's what I think. It fits the theme for a good few places of Medieval setting. Head down to the The Plastik to pick up one of these delightful dresses, there are a few other styles there too for good measure.
Skin - Cassiopea - India 04 from Glam Affair (One I usually wear)
Hair - Erin from =DeLa*=
Mesh hands from - Slink
Mesh breasts - Lolas

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