Saturday, 6 September 2014

Dressed for destruction

The city lay in ruins. A carcass of its once glorious self with buildings that dared to reach for the heavens, now crumpled in on themselves to be discarded within its own corpse. Dust filled the air from broken blocks of cement, so thick that it blocked out the night sky darkening the world further. Night passed filled with screams and broken sobs, the ones who were still alive crawled on their bellies trying to make sense of what happened. There was no making sense of this at all, they were going to have rebuild their lives and learn how to survive.

At the first sign of dawn the dust began to clear letting the rising sun shine sickly through the dust, the few beams that made it through trying to bring hope to the world that suffered below it. In the midst of it rose a figure of crystal blue skin, a creature that was unknown even to herself. Wings of white tipped with blue, that when opened made the sound of thunder. Her forehead was adorned with a fine, delicate circlet, the horns she had towered in to the air with a slight curve, metal and precious gems entwinning them. With a smirk pulling her soft lips she clicked her fingers, a building that still stood in the distance fell in to a crashing heap. Clearly she was dressed for this destruction, she delighted in the screams of pain and terror from the chaos she wrought.
~*Souzou Eien*~ is at We <3 Roleplay. Holy fuckballs he made it to one of the biggest events on the grid, and only recently (I say recently but its been a few months now) started to do original mesh items. Look at the shinies that I got from it for from this store.

Seraphic horns. You have three different types when you buy this item, adorned as seen above, two plain versions pale and dark. The adorned version does have a HUD that allows you to change the metal colour, the colour of the intricate horn pattern, size and the gems, its pretty easy to use that even a bimbo like me can use it.

The De La Luna circlet is simplistic yet elegant in its design, fine metal wires interplays with themselves to encompass a forehead gem. Due to the design its easily used for a good many styles, and have found it sits nicely on even my armoured centaur character. A touch of pretty. Since it is texture changing the HUD is provided in the folder, it changes the three metal parts, size and all the gems.

Serrated goblin horns. Adorned version has a thin wire twisting around them that has a moon and a star hanging off each end, the moon (Its a moon to me hush) sits in a metal cage. The HUD provided changes the texture of the horns, the colours of the gems and the metal pieces. Please note at the bottom of the HUD there are two sets of metal coloured buttons, the big one is for the orb's cage and the one above it is for the chain between the horns. There is also two plain versions pale and dark.

What are you waiting for? Get down to We <3 Roleplay to pick these up today!

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