Wednesday, 17 September 2014

She came to save them

After her sister wrought world wide destruction upon the planet known as Earth, after the creatures that lived upon it mutated to begin to finish off the last of the humans who had survived the devastation she came to them. With her she bought knowledge of an archaic nature, knowledge that would help them fend off the beasts and help them to regain their feet.

Of course since she resembled the one who had done this to the people they were wary and suspicious of her, but she had patience on her side spending her time working on showing them what she can give them. Steam. With the parts she could scavenge from broken machines, she created many things that could be powered by steam and tesla coils. Even weapons that had a way of being powered by nothing more than steam and cogs, to fire bullets at hurtling rates to slay the beasts that threatened the last of mankind.

She became their saviour soon enough once they realised she was no threat like her sister had been, she had given them new hope and a new goal to work towards. Repair, rebuild, regroup, relearn and survive.
I've been delving around The Clockwork Spiral 2014 that opened up on 15th September and closes on October 1st, if you want anything I show here you better go get it now. Like right now. Since I am a complete biased person I went right for ~*Souzou Eien*~ Here goes.

Here we have the Plasma distorter pistol complete with weird wires, leather, tubing, cogs and wonderful texturing. They have a good amount of detail on them not just from the textures, look at those little screws it has and you can really see that is tubing. Take a good look. Its very much a steampunk item that will fit well for any steampunk outfit and steampunk roleplay sims, it comes as a pair so you get two for the price of one and both are unscripted. They are just roleplay props, if you would like scripts in them that's a Do it yourself gig folks. You can wear both for a dual weilding look or just wear one. This is an exclusive item for The Clockwork Spiral event only, if you don't get them now they will be lost forever.

On the same note for Roleplay props I got two hand cannons, because bitches love cannons. You can wear both or just one, bear in mind the alpha layer does hide both hands if you choose to wear one and its best to wear a slink or mesh hand at the same time. I decided to wear both cannons for this shot, they are very well detailed texture wise and in overall build. You got bullet strap things, with gold detailing around the barrels on both ends of it, I got no idea what the knob bit is for because I'm really bad with guns. Come on cannons! FOR YOUR HANDS! 
This is an exclusive item for The Clockwork Spiral event only, if you don't get them now they will be lost forever.

Oculus Optics are the last item from Souzou I'm showcasing and just look at it right now, all those tubes are going in to my skin around my eye. Upon closer inspection you can see a texture that looks a bit like circuits, the tubes that insert in to my skin are easy to be seen as tubes due to the detail. You get three Optics two of them are singular in order to wear one on either eye, and the last is a full set for both eyes. It comes with a texture HUD to enable you to change the colours of the lense, tubes, metal edge around the Oculus, the metal bolts and the metal edge around the lense.
Other items from The Clockwork Spiral event that are shown here:

Materica female Rust Elegance skin from Fallen Gods Appliers for Lolas, Slink hands and feet are to be found instore.
Seraphic horns (Adorned) from ~*Souzou Eien*~ found at the We <3 Roleplay event. If its still going.

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