Monday, 22 September 2014

Two Centaurs

After the loss of their home where the two of them met they travelled over many lands, until they stumbled in to some sort of portal. The portal ripped their twins from them seperating them, they ended up in a land that looked a lot like where they had lived before only bigger and with a larger population. Their twins though were lost to them though they searched high and low the portal hadn't dropped the girls on the new island, Natasha was distraught with the loss succumbing to depression while Judge became bitter, cold and very angry. Usually such a change would drive off a mate but the two needed each other more than ever, Natasha hunted while Judge threw himself in to making business deals. It was possible that the new hole he felt at the loss of their young he was filling with greed, business wasn't easy to find along with deals not being easy to make.

While they travelled together over time their wounded hearts healed, some things that changed would stay changed. During the travels both centaurs gathered up armour pieces to protect their horse bodies from predators, they had been attacked at one point by a pack of wolves with Natasha getting injured on her flank. Judge of course worried he might lose her too so he was the one who cobbled the pieces together, they would help one another to adorn the pieces every morning and take them off at night.
Today I'm blogging something that has been specifically for the KOT Centaur avatar, I have in my possession two sets of Centaur Armour one is metal the other is leather. The owner and creator of The Centaur Armory discovered there's not much out for the KOT avatar, and there still isn't to this day apart from tails. And so far she's the only one showing it any love. The pieces are made from sculpties that you click add to wear, all sets come in all sizes and are made to fit so make sure you add the right size. Not only are they highly detailed but (and this is the best part), they move with the body even when sitting down!

Here are a few shots I got of the metal pieces called Chiron Armor (I keep putting an u in there because I'm English, must stop my fingers doing that.) From the side view we got a plate that protects the haunches, along with flank guards and a saddle bag the other side is the same. Along the top are a nice display of spikes, sure to deter predators and wanna be riders alike. Unless you enjoy spikes in your ass Oo You can see straps in various places that would hold it together including a belly strap, one that goes around the under carriage to hold it in place. Lot of nice texture details that give it a unique look, and prevent it from looking rather plain.

 These shots are of the Lapith Leather Armor which, was in fact the first set to be made. Its a combination of leather and metal that protects the haunch and the flanks, every piece is detailed with the textures used. At the front there are two saddle bags along with what looks like a rolled blanket, giving the wearer the illusion that they travel often. On the back shot you can see how the ridged metal sits on the rump, you can also see the pattern of the leather that is also used on the sides.

Again these are sculpted pieces but are of high quality that move with the KOT Centaur, they only work with that avatar so if you don't have it; it won't fit or sit as well on another avatar. There is no editing or mod skills required as both sets come with all sizes, use the right size for the size of horse body you are wearing and hit add. Viola.

For the time being The Centaur Armory only has a Market place page.

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