Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dark Unicorn

It's near that time of the year again when the planets align to make two worlds collide, it's also the best time to be doing the most potent of spells. All Hallow's Eve has a different meaning to different cultures and religions around the world, a night of dread, a night to remember loved ones passed away, the witch's holy day, Trick or Treat... The list goes on.

Ah but it's not quite there yet as its only the first of October, however one particular creature wanted to get a head start. In the bowels of a gothic library a woman stood over a boiling couldron, the green glow of trouble brewing unmistakable as it bubbled in the iron pot. She however was no ordinary witch or human, for protuding from her forehead grew a twisted, black horn, her legs covered in black fur ended in two cloven hooves. As the potion or whatever foul thing she was making seethed, she poured in venom, a few eyes of newts, bat's blood, a whole frog and a whole cat or two. All of it went in to the couldron to make her brew for the holiest of days that was to come, on that day she the Dark Unicorn will be ready to unleash its horrors upon the world.
Gachas! Gachas! Gachas galore! I got items from two different events, so what I'm going to do is list the few items I plundered from the machines. I'll go over each one then link the events they came from, you too can go and spend lindens on all the shiney and pretty things.

First up I have a Spiral Mage Staff - Crystal - Darkwood this lovely thing comes from A.D.D.Andal. This is just one of the common ones I managed to pop out of the gacha, there is a nice variety of colours and different woods. The crystal is a touch colour change, you can change the colour of it to suit your mood.
A black. twisted horn with a small circlet of a very fine, metal chain and a small gem hanging from it, this is the Myth Of Innocence Circlet from ~*Souzou Eien*~ My horn is a common and one of the basic ones, the prettier ones have a gem that dangles at the end of the horn from a chain entwined in it. Both types come with a colour changing HUD to change the metal, the ultra rare, so pretty one has a colour change for the gem stones. There's a variety of colours, because rainbows make the world go round.

Found at The Gathering which opened today and is going on until the 15th October.

The owner and creator of ~*Souzou Eien*~ is at it again making things for roleplay, you really do need to see this inworld to appreicate it best. Here I present to you a spelling kit complete with a spell book, bottles of things, knife, candles, well you can see for yourself its everything you need in one handy place. Oh and if you can find it there is a cystal alter too to snag, but I haven't found that yet so sadly I can't show it.

{MB} has a gacha full of bottles that contain various liquids, bones or powders, the one I got here is full of venmon. I guess if anyone annoys me I can just quietly slip this in to their drinks or food, then sit back and wait for the painful, slow death to start. You have been warned, I got a bottle of venom.

These items and many more are to be located at RMK Halloween - Magical Academy event!

Get your Halloween on!

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