Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Winter is coming

With the onset of winter finally taking place it was time for all good little snow and ice demons to make snow and ice, those who have snow on their wings were the ones to make snow while those without were to make ice.

All the demons had worked all spring, summer and autumn to make winter happen, now they were able to finally do their jobs. All of them were wrapped up in winter coats trimmed with fake fur, despite the work they often got cold and needed warm clothes in order to keep warm. One snow demon looked out from the small enclave that kept them safe for most of the year, her small, snow covered wings flapping in excitement. This would be her first year she was old enough to join the others, she was more than eager to get started on making winter.

She dove outside right in to the golden leaves that had fallen from all the trees, as she bounced along on her clawed feet she began to create small piles of snow upon any surface she can find. Holding her winter bauble close the snow demon danced from tree to tree covering the branches, giving everything a blanket of powdery snow. A few of them the ice and snow demons work together in order to make snowflakes, each one individual and unique in its own way, they would be the ones to fly up to the clouds to fill them up with their hand crafted flakes.

It was when the snow flakes began to fall from the clouds that the little snow demon stopped her tasks to look upwards, her icicle like tail waggled in excitement from seeing them fall for her first time. She jumped on to a stone bench to spin circles among the falling snow... Winter is here.
I went to a few events this month already and gathered up some winter feeling things.

We <3 Roleplay
Still ongoing as its in the December run currently for this event, and this is where I found this coat. It looks extremely warm, luxurious and has a large, comfy looking hood at the back. Its a mesh coat fitting most standard SL avatars and can even fit mesh bodies, long as you use the alpha hud to hide parts of the body.
*May's Soul* Snow coat blue
Found at the Frost event (Link above picture) is this lovely icicle looking tail, its fully mesh and looks like its made of ice just starting to melt hence the icicles that can be seen. Sometimes it doesn't rez properly for me so I just click on it to make it behave, considering its winter right now this lovely tail is good for avatars who want that cold/freezing look. Just don't stand any where near a fire or that tail will melt completely, its already melting don't make worse! They have a few colours up for sale, but you know I like blue.
Riske - Melting Icicle Tail - Mountain Spring

Also at Frost are this lovely little demon wings covered in snow which, I thought went well with the icicle tail that I found. The membranes look like they are made from ice stretched between black fingers, there's a few piles of snow covering the tops of them. I rather like the look of this wings to give something extra to that ice demon or fae or creature, the snow is a specially good touch to give that feeling that you love the cold and winter. There are a few colours out for sale but I wanted to match my tail damn it.
::TI:: Frosty Demon wing v2
The last event I went to was Gothmas by Gaslight 2014

Over there I was dragged around by my leash a rather confusing layout of the event, however I did manage to grab a Christmas bauble from Souzou Eien's gacha.  Because I can't resist at least getting one thing from his store, I continuously make my Souzou Eien collection bigger. It has been confirmed by the creator and owner himself I own half his store (Hehehehe). The gacha holds a few of these different baubles you can try and grab, they come with a holding animation for you to hold them or you can hang them from something yourself. If you want to hang them modding knowledge is needed.

There's also a very nice gazebo out at the store for sale too, so if you want something for that garden of yours I would highly suggest taking a look.

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