Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dragon Druid

Unlike her cousin of the same coloured scale as she, this dragon chose a path of nature magic to follow. Her calling is to nurture the living things around her to help them grow, florish and continue to fulfill the circle of life, to aid her in that she had found a branch of a special tree that had broken off and carved it in to a wand. The wand itself wasn't perfectly carved it wasn't meant to be, it was meant to stay as close to nature as possible. Gnarled and twisted wand aided her magic greatly with, able to cast with more percision than ever before. She was glad she found such a wonderful focus for her powers.
Uuuggghhh lame story.

Genre opened up a couple of days ago and its theme is The Dark Arts, I somehow expected a lot more from this event since I've been to it a few times. This time around I was generally disappointed in what was on offer. Other than a few pieces of clothing that looked out of place with the theme and some make up that also looked out of place, the products available were pretty much things I've seen before. From the tarot cards to the voodoo dolls it was tired old re-hashes. I was impressed with some of the furniture I saw that to me stood out, along with two sets of wands and a collection of masks.

(I also suggest you change your lighting settings when going, even turning on midday its so dark you can't see your way around.)

These are the Druidic wands from ~*Souzou Eien*~ there are four different ones in a pack, along with both a wall and a table display for you to rez out. These are just roleplay props there's no scripts in them, if you want scripts you can add those yourself as they are modify. Banded, Curved, Bound and Found are the four different styles, as these are Druidic wands they are good for Druid characters or nature magic users.

Also from the same store are the Crafted wands again these are just roleplay props, they are not scripted but since they are modify you can put scripts in them. These are a more refined set of wands, you get a set of four along with the wall and table display of them, I think this type of wand is very good for those who like to play in the world of Harry Potter. Emblazoned, Marked, Ornate and Spiral are the four styles.

Adding some mystery to the world of Dark Arts is this Baphomet mask from Eclectica, it does have some texture change options when you prod it in the eyeballs or stroke its face. This was one of the items that stood out for me at an event that was dismal in its offerings, I do like the shape of it and its pretty easy to wear too.
Genre is still going so if you want to check out I would suggest you do, I just wish I had of had the money to grab some of the furniture to show you just how much I liked it. Ah but funds and a lack of places to actually use it is what stayed my hand, never the less I advise if you see any of these items you should buy them. Unless you don't want to, that's okay too :P

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