Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Kendo Club was one of those after school activities you could do instead of going straight home or hanging out with your friends, sure there's plenty of clubs to choose from but when you want to learn how to beat someone up with a weapon then Kendo was the way to go. Besides there's this nifty stick you can get and its great for smacking people over the head with, no one really bothers or bullies someone who does Kendo.

That was one of the reasons why she decided to do it, she didn't want to be bullied anymore in school and she wanted to smack people over the head. Her quiet personality hid one part of her that wanted nothing more to scream, shout, and whack someone with her wonderful, wooden stick. She even carried that Kendo stick around with her on the weekends, people began to think she was a delinquent always walking around quietly carrying her stick. No one bothered her again.
Genre - Theme is Anime

 [K Z S] BackPack Angry Gremlin! Pack 2 Its a texture colour change backpack that threatens to eat your school books, just click on it and pick a colour then you're ready to go. Suitable for any avatar.

 [K Z S] Hair Anime Twin Tail - Lost in the limbo! This hair can work with your normal avatar with a bit of modding skill, as its advertised for the Utilizor and Kemono its best suited for those avatars. It really does complete an anime look, if you're in to that sort of thing.

~*S.E.*~ Shinai Kendo Sword - This little beauty is an RP prop there are two versions that come with this, one is empty of any animations and can be used as a fancy display piece. The other has four standing animations in it that also work with your own AO, all you have to do to change the pose is click on it. As Draco says, "Everyone needs a Kendo stick."

Note: I'll update this post soon as I can talk to the owner of SB again, as I'm finding the texture loader isn't working. I really wanted to show the eyes she's made.

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