Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bring me your dead

Standing in the mausoleum among the stone coffins of the dead she stands, guarding the dead who lay there as she sees their souls in to the next life. Small, skeleton wings adorned with chains show she used to have a full pair of feathered wings, her golden and glorious halo a symbol of her role in the world. Often unseen by the mortal eye she does her duty with no complaint, since she has no one to speak to her voice is never heard.
Fantasy Gacha Carnival has started and there is loads to get a hold of  by trying your hand at the gacha machines, I have to say I came away with a lot of things to try on and also plenty to do mix and matching with.

Hair - Doe: Rai (Two-Tone) - Colors

Halo - ~*S.E.*~ Choir of Angels - Archangels Halo - ULTRARARE

Wings - {N}Corvus Mortis - White Wings Gold Chain

Dress - Galatea FitMesh Coat Red - SweetLies Original Box 11 RARE

Leg accessories - Galatea Legwraps Silver - SweetLies Original Box 4 COMMON

Collar and thong - Galatea Collar & Thong Silver - SweetLies Original Box 1 COMMON

Tattoo - Yasum*Tara Set*Common*Silver Shower Tattoo*

Gems from - Alchemy. Winter Queen - Cloak & Shoulders - Crimson

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