Saturday, 9 January 2016

Breeder's Choice

I've been rather quite lately in this blog for a few reasons:

1. I've not been logging much in to Second Life

2. Holidays.

I guess that's only two reasons but they are valid at least in my own mind, so in order to shake off the dust for the not so really new year now I'll make a post. I'm going to do another centaur avatar but this one comes from Breeder's choice, so far I'm completely in love with it and like to wear it often.

Here we go...

 At the top we have the KOT centaur which was the first mesh centaur that came on the market, that was actually pretty good at the time. From what I hear the creator made all the current coat colours free and quit Second Life, this means there will be no further updates for this avatar.

On the bottom is the BC centaur that was released before the end of 2015, and has rapidly gained popularity with players and creators alike. Between the two pictures you can see quite a few differences, even the rigging of the two is different giving the BC a more fluid almost natural movement.

Lets start with the basics of this avatar. If you know Breeder's Choice then you might know that appliers for the full horse avatars can be used between the Quarter and the Shire avatars, well the centaur is no exception and can also use all BC appliers. This gives you a lot wider range for colours and coat patterns than the KOT does, its also very easy to apply as most will let you do a full apply or a piece by piece apply.

Coming with the centaur body is a bunch of shapes from male, female to femboy, along with ones that are made to fit with mesh human bodies. Though if you really want to you can modify any of the shapes it comes with, specially if you want to look like how you normally do from the waist up. Just write down your topside numbers for torso, head, and face but leave the bottom alone, if you miss with the bottom of the shape it will deform your centaur. Waist up is free game for changing.

Along with the shapes you can have either have a full piece of the horse body, or you can have it in several pieces. Fat body, fat legs, thin legs, thin body, average body, take a look you'll see plenty of pieces.If that isn't doing it for you then it also comes with four free boxes of textures.

 This is the Appearance tab of the HUD you get with the centaur, if you wear the all in one body this controls what it will look like. You can move the sliders for the body and legs to make them fatter or thinner, you can also make it show male or female genitals and even make the hooves cloven. Thus opening this avatar to things like deer and kirin mods.
 Animations tab contains four laying down animations, two sits, arm positions and even horse type animations, some of these animations do have loud noises with them but these are easily replaced with silent ones.
This is the Add-Ons tab for the HUD I'm guessing you can put in your own animations and sounds, so far I've not seen anyone having made anything for this yet.

If you feel that you need an upper AO to make your upper half seem more natural, then I would suggest you find one that is Priority 3 so it doesn't conflict with the Centaur AO. However this may make the hind legs flip out now and then, generally when you start walking or when you change speeds. It will fix itself so don't worry.

Oh I forgot to mention the speeds! You got walk which I find too slow for me, trot, canter and gallop with a speed boost to make them faster than human avatars, there is also a riding system that allows the rider to ride, be dragged behind the centaur or flopped over their back. Changing speed while moving is done while tapping forward, to slow back down you tap back while walking.

This is my IC version of the centaur with the coat "Shiny blue roan" found at Texture barn.

My OOC centaur self I use to wander around when I'm not in an RP sim, which happens to be often as of late.

(All the clothing and items can be found in the Market place just by doing a search for BC Centaur, I'm too lazy to actually link everything!)

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